MRSA/Staph Home Disinfection Information 

Are you concerned about the safety of your family and pets while using household disinfectants for MRSA or Staph and general germ control in your home? It is very important that you use a disinfectant that is strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses but safe for your family and pets without damaging your household belongings. Protecting your home from viruses and bacteria on surfaces is a critical component of proper hygiene. MRSA and Staph bacteria can live for days, if not weeks, on counter tops, door knobs, toys, pet crates, sports equipment, TV remotes, etc. If you don’t kill the bacteria in your home, the infection may continue to spread from one family member or pet to the next. We recommend daily use of Puregreen24 on all of these high touch points as the best practice for disinfection.Cleaning agents are for removing dirt and keeping things “clean,” whereas disinfectants are for killing harmful bacteria that live on surfaces in your home or office. Most household cleaners and sanitizers are not only ineffective at killing MRSA and Staph bacteria, they also may make you more prone to getting infected in the long run due to anti-bacterial resistance. Continual exposure to the toxic chemicals found in most disinfectants, sanitizers and cleaners weakens your immune system, leaving you more prone to recurring infections. There is a big difference between a sanitizer and a disinfectant; they should not be confused. A sanitizer only reduces bacteria. A disinfectant kills bacteria, such as PureGreen24. The most common active ingredient in disinfectants on the market is the toxic ammonium chloride or diluted bleach. 

Ammonium Chloride & Bleach have the following negatives: 
• Documented to be toxic 
• Skin contact is to be avoided; harmful if absorbed through skin 
• Should not be used on children’s toys, sports equipment, pet crates or any surface that has skin contact without rinsing 
• Caustic; may damage plastics, fabrics, vinyl and certain metals. 
• Harsh fumes 
• Protective gear should be used 
• Dangerous and hazardous to use around children or pets 

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