Premium Shampoo & Body Wash
*A plunger and and an empty 16oz. Shampoo bottle will be shipped with each 4 gallon case.
*If ordering 6 or more cases of this product please refer to our  Discount Page.


Alpha Olefin Sulfonate / Dissolves Dirt & Oil 
Sodium Laureth Sulfate / Dissolves Dirt & Oil
Glycerine / Conditioner
Coconut Amide / Rich Lather
Aloe Vera Oil / Soothes Skin & Scalp
Jojoba Oil / Moisturizer
Lecithin / Gives Hair Luster
Aculyn 22 Polymer / Repairs Damaged Skin & Hair
Fragrance / Sunflower
Color / Natural


Advent-Age Premium Shampoo & Body Wash

Advent-Age Premium Shampoo & Body Wash

Experience the Advent-Age Difference

End Dry Scalp & Skin Irritation with

Advent-Age Products Premium Shampoo & Body Wash

Daily cleansing with Premium Shampoo will  help prevent disease causing agents which are irritating to the scalp and skin

Our Premium Shampoo & Body Wash was specially formulated for those that require an extra mild cleanser that revitalizes dry and aging skin. Daily bathing with Premium Shampoo & Body Wash will help prevent disease causing agents and irritants to the head and body. Clean hair and skin have lower incidence of disease causing bacteria which reduce the incidents of dry skin and scalp irritation. One of the functions of the skin is to cope with the wear and abrasion experienced all over the body by daily living. The skin fulfills this function by continually replacing cells removed by abrasion with new cells migrating upwards from below. The cells  specifically charged with this task are keratinocytes. Two things can be done to assist these cells. 1) Reduce wear on the skin surface 2) Keep skin from drying to prevent scaling. Advent-Age Products Premium Shampoo & Body Wash helps in these areas by its mildness and it's deep cleansing ability. Decubitus ulcers (bed sores) can be prevented by regular skin cleansing which in turn would prevent wear on the skin surface. Also important is the fact that our Premium Shampoo & Body Wash is a basic solution (similar to a mild baking soda solution) which helps to neutralize acidic body secretions. This unique formula has been used in nursing homes and hospitals nation wide with geriatric patients for 30 years. Our shampoo formulations are gentle, biodegradable, with no dyes added. 

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